We are Alex and Egor, and we have been married for more than 5 years.
Having the idea of pure love in our hearts, we are trying to reflect it in our photographs.

  We used to be included in the list of the TOP-20 best Moscow photographers and in the list of the TOP-10 best Fine art Moscow photographers according to the version of the international wedding magazine Zankyou. Now we've moved, and our goal is to become one of the best ones in San Diego. :)



We have shot a lot of weddings in Italy, Germany, Russia etc. And fortunately, we were recognized as winners of the both international IZWA Awards 2016 and 2017 in the nomination 'Best photographer'!

  We work in "wedding fine art" style, shooting film and making our digital photos look like film ones.

  We love our job and are happy to work with people passionate about making their weddings tender and refined! If it is you, have a look at 
our price range and contact us.

   Yours sincerely,

  Alex and Egor

Every wedding as a masterpiece.